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Hey good lookin’ what ya got cookin’?

As a stay at home mom it is my responsibility to make sure that I feed my family a healthy diet. When I first started staying home I loved cooking and enjoyed making delicious recipes and baking. We both put on quite a bit of weight from enjoying all of the lasagnas, enchiladas and brownies.… Continue reading Hey good lookin’ what ya got cookin’?


Read All About It: Girl On A Train by AJ Waines

Every morning, I turn on NPR and listen to the day’s new stories as I drive across the interstate bridge into Vancouver. One day in November, I stayed in the car once I parked and kept listening to an author reading an excerpt from her new book. Intrigued, I asked my mom to buy it for me for… Continue reading Read All About It: Girl On A Train by AJ Waines

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Madeline’s Winter Must Haves!

Winter may not be Samantha’s favorite time of the year but it is certainly mine! I LOVE the cold. I love to wear leg warmers, coats, scarves and sip on hot drinks. I have loved snow ever since I can remember. I would sneak out of my bedroom at night and stare out the window… Continue reading Madeline’s Winter Must Haves!